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Gradient Wire Products Pvt. Ltd.

Welcome to Gradient Wire Products Pvt. Ltd.

Gradient Wire Products Pvt. Ltd. has been established to manufacture premium quality EDM wire by using state -of-the-art-technology. The company has installed CNC-Wire Drawing Machines with in-line Annealing system to achieve uniform and consistent quality of EDM wires.

At Gradient, we believe in imparting precision, motivation and technology or PMT in processes and resource to achieve superior quality. To support PMP, we have highly professional and technical people who are associated in this field for many years all together.

Our quality Control has most modern testing facilities to ensure the following features:

  • High Quality RAW Material.

  • Highly Tolerant Wire Diameter.

  • Even and smooth surface finish.

  • Constant Tensile Strength.

  • Outstanding Straightness.

  • Excellent Packaging.

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